About Me

I'm a software and web developer from Germany. Currently I'm in high school but started coding some years ago. I started with HTML, because it was part of the IT lesson at school. I thought that would be interesting, so I continued with JavaScript and PHP.

Then I wanted to develop some Mods for Minecraft and I taught myself Java.

Because of my interest in electronics I bought myself an Arduino and learned it's language too. Today I do really much with this language, for example i use it for robotics or other smaller gadgets and tools.

I learned Python and C(#) because they are mainstream...

Unity came over my way when we wanted to develop an App in school that should have been usable over multiple Platforms 

Currently I'm maintaining and creating some websites for clubs and people from my city.

All of these languages I learned by watching YouTube-Videos, analyzing source-code and just plain googling when I didn't know what to do. So you can learn any of these languages the same way. You don't have to have an IQ of 200 to do this.


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